Hutchings High School & Junior College India

Mrs. E. Hutchings was born on 6th Feb 1851 and died on 15th April 1943 in Kolar, near Bangalore after having completed nearly 50 years of ministry- a ministry of commitment, compassion and above all following the teachings of Christ. Her sensitive and loving nature touched so many lives that she was fondly called 'Mama Hutchings'. "The Women's Foreign Missionary Society (WFMS)" of the Methodist Episcopal Church took over the education of girls of Taylor High School thereby leading to the formation of 'Taylor High School for Girls' and 'Taylor High School for Boys'. With the passage of time the Taylor High School for Boys was closed down. In 1913 the Orphanage and Home was merged with the Taylor High School for Girls and Mrs. E. Hutchings became the superintendent with Miss Agnes C. W. Dove assisting her.Mrs. E. Hutchings was succeeded by Miss Agnes C. W. Dove, Miss Corner, Miss Mackenzie, Miss Winslow and Miss Calkins in that order. It was in 1946 when Bishop John A. Subhan was Chairman and Miss Calkins was the Principal, the name was changed to "Hutchings High School" in honour of Mrs. E. Hutchings's selfless service. n 1960 when Bishop Mongal Singh was the Chairman, Mrs. D. Samuel was appointed and she was the first Indian Principal. Over the years the school has seen many Bishops, Ministers, Deaconesses and Principals who have contributed immensely to making the school what it is today.

Presently the School has on roll 3045 Students with 124 teaching and non-teaching staff, running classes from Pre-nursery to 12th Standard with ICSE and ISC affiliations.

From 2017-18  till date the school has been under the able guidance of the Chairman of the school - Bishop Dr.Anilkumar Servand and  the School Manager -Rev. Dr. C. Selvin. It has become one of the prestigious institues of Pune , Maharashtra under the leadership of the PrincipalMs. R. I. Katawati.

Aparna Pawar
Aparna Pawar